Daedong Agricultural Machinery reinforcement of Myanmar Agricultural Workplace

The State laid down the Scheme for rural development and poverty alleviation with the aim of transformation to mechanized farming for cooperative agricultural sector in the country.
Initially, The Republic of Korea, Daedong Industry Co., Ltd., and Ministry of Cooperatives of Myanmar conducted the signing ceremony of sale and purchase agreement to buy Daedong agricultural machinery equivalent to USD 100 million on 13.11.2014 in Nay Pyi Daw.
To support the agricultural sector, Daedong agriculture machineries which are imported by the loan of the Republic of Korea started the distribution by CCS to farmers on 14.12.2014. The total repaying period is (7) years hire purchase system including grace period (1) year and repayment period (6) years for Daedong agricultural machinery.
And then, Daedong Industry Co., Ltd. supplied a few kinds of agricultural machineries which include the total (4416) numbers of power tiller, tractor, combine harvester, out of which the number of (3958) machineries could be sold out on 30.9.2021. And some parts and accessories include the total number of (1112) units of rotator, disc plough, disc harrow and front dozer have been sold on 30.9.2021.