International Relations Section

Affiliation to International Organization

CCS, for becoming a member, joined International Organizations as follows:

  • International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) on September 3rd 1993.
  • The Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) on April 25th 2011.
  • International Cooperative Fisheries Organization (ICFO) on November 28th , 2012.

Attending the International Cooperative Training Courses and Meeting

The managers from Cooperatives, so far reaching accumulated number of 68 participants nominated by CCS attended the International Cooperative Trainings which include ICA/Japan Training courses, ICA/ACFSMC Training Courses, CCA women’s mentorship Program and ACCU Development Education Program.

The Cooperative delegates up to now, a total number of 95 delegates from CCS and member societies presented the conference, forum and workshop which were organized by International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and ICA-AP Regional Office, ICFO, ACCU, ACFSMC and so on.

International Cooperation

With the aim to enhance the Myanmar Cooperative Movement for the cooperative sustainable development, Central Cooperative Society(CCS) work together with its partners which comprise Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions(ACCU), Canadian Cooperative Association(CCA) and We Effect(Swedish Cooperative Centre) to carry out the (3) projects in Myanmar. These projects are as follows:

(a) Piloting the Cooperatives in Myanmar Project in Minbu Township by the fund support of CCA.
(b) Savings and Credit Cooperative Promotion and Microfinance Innovation Project in Ayeyawady Region and Bago Regionby the fund support of United Nations Capital Development Fund(UNCDF)
(c) Strengthening Rural Cooperatives (SRC) Project in Maubin Township by the fund support of We Effect.

A new Project in future to support with Partnership of (3) organizations

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and We Effect (Swedish Cooperative Centre), Central Cooperative Society (CCS) and Myanmar Environmental Rehabilitation/Conservation Network (MERN) organized a workshop for “National Exchange of knowledge and Experience between Forest and Farm Producer Group on Group creation and legal status, with a special focus on Cooperatives” and took place at Cooperative Training School in Pathein from July 11th to 15th, 2016.