Education Section

The Education Section with its arrangements conduct the trainings and discussions for MFI leading groups to be efficient in methodology and skills with cooperative principles in the performance of microcredit activities, as the education for the success of cooperative enterprises is the important task for society's members and the staffs.

With the aim of disseminating the cooperative values and basic principles and enhancement of cooperative movement, the Education Section released the publication of cooperative newsletter for learning in abreast of the time, commencing from 1/2008 to 12/2010 series.

Again with the aim of widely knowing about the people who are free from poverty, and gaining the benefit and successful lives by the performance of microcredit activity with the momentum, the Wealth Seedling journal was published on 1st January, 2011 with 3000 sheets per month and so far, increase the distribution to 6000 sheets since September 2016.

Education Section distribute them to relating Ministries, Chief ministers from State and Region, Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors from State and Region Cooperative Departments, Township Cooperative Officers, Cooperative Unions, Cooperative Federations, Microfinance Institutions form Public Companies, Cooperative Universities and Cooperative Colleges respectively.

Therefore Education Section will raise to make cooperative dissemination, collaborating with Cooperative Universities, Colleges and Cooperative Training Schools.